Locked in naked with nerdy senior girl | Senior girls prank


College girls sure have there fun around junior boys. Similiar incident happened with me, one night of such hazing , some senior girls dared me to go out completely nude to the dorm room of there nerd and studious classmate . Her name was Vandita . Vandita and Stuti Di were roomates . To my surprise Stuti di opened the door , She was shocked yet smiling , She said “oh another one , let me guess Shreya sent you to say hi to Vandita right ?” I smiled with shame while i was hiding my package with my hands . I said “yes i am supposed too, altough i can say hi to her roomate too ..” She said “oh really , but you look like a little nervous , how are you gonna say hi to me without shaking your hands . Looks like your hands are busy down there ?” I know she wants to see my package , so i quickly removed my hands .. she took a deep breathe looking at me from top to bottom … as she started talking . .i got hard in seconds .. she stopped and said “wow .. you are a little different aren’t you … hold on a sec .. ” she locked the door and i can hear her inside saying .. “Woh .. Vandita .. you gotta check this dude .. he is like biggest among all that have been here .. comon .. just say a short hi..” Door opens .. now Vanditha di was standing in front of me .. wearing glasses .. yet she look beautiful .. she took them off and took a good look at me .. suddenly i said Hello.. She replied nervously .. hey .. She said “so that’s it .. you can leave now .. we said each other hello..” as i was turning around .. Shreya di came there and said “oh comon Vandita , just look at him.. he look so cute .. if not for him .. just look at his innocent big guy … Have a chat with both of them.. Stuti out .. now .. ” Vandita di said “no stuti , you stay..” Shreya di “Oh, vandita .. comon .. just 15 mins .. just chat with him.. please for me!” .. So finally we were inside .. alone .. just the 2 of us..
She was sitting beside me , awkardly .. as that was a very small room . She asked me if i have a girlfriend .. i replied yes … she giggled in naughty way . She looked at my dick and said “You truly are big , atleast from the guys she sent earlier ..” i asked her why she does that .. she replied .. “you know .. she wants me to distract from studies , although she is my friend .. so i may be wrong .. maybe she just wants me to have sex ..” so i said “so what’s stopping you ?” .. she said “don’t let her know , but i have a bf . Which i truly love. ” I said “oh i see. But why don’t you tell her so.” She said “well i think its late now .. she will think i am a lier .. she gigled* maybe i like seeing naked dudes now . ” I took the condom out of my pocket and said .. said this will go to waste now .. she said “yeah ..” .. “you know what .. she will expect something this time .. or she will doubt that i am lesbian or something .. she giggled ” She said “do one thing . umm.. can you help yourself ?” .. i said “what ? ” .. she said “i mean .. can u masturbate and ejaculate in the condom .. to look like you came during sex… you can tell them .. i gave you a blowjob..” .. i agreed … I said “should i go someplace else ? ” she said “where will you go .. this is a small room .. better if you do it here near the dustbin than anyplace else .. ” .. her eyes were focused on me .. she was continuosly seeing me jerking off .. After 5 mins i came .. she was happy to see me cuming .. i pulled out the condom , it was full. i wanted to have some fun so i said “oh comon .. atleast spank me some .. i will not leave untill you spank me..” she got naughty .. she spanked me … till i was out of the room. outside was waiting stuti di .. she winked at me and got inside. I walked to Shreya di room and showed her the full condom .. and told her i was given blowjob.. she got so happy , that she spent the night with me ..

Date: December 20, 2020

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