Sph cfnm indian humiliation at college party | (fantasy story)


Hi my name is Tania . This was around when i was in final year of my college. Me and some of the other girls from final year were hosting a girls only party for last year girls. We all were excited about it. One of the girl who was hosting this party was Nikita. Rumour has it that she loves to fuk guys in the ass . I mean she really does, i always seen these fat kind of nerds around her all the time . I know what they are doing . These nerds probably have small dicks . and geting there ass fked by a strapon from nikita was probably there best shot at orgasm. We were all wearing these very short skirts to make the party more feminine.

To my surprise Nikita brought 3 fat nerds to the party . They were all wearing very short toga. They all look stupid and desperate from there face. They were serving us drinks and doing all waiter work . Than comes Nikita best friend “Riya” . She was wearing this cute pink short dress . All the 3 guys were looking at her .  And suddenly this guy “mandy” flipped the coldrink on her feet, she got furious . She said “what the hell , you stupid moron ..” , Nikita got up and said to him “Go on appologize to her..” . He became so nervous and scared that he said couldn’t say anything .. She yelled at him .. “you know what is going to happen mandy if you don’t apologize …” .. he was struck and scared . Riya got angry and said “fk this asshole .. i am leaving …” .. Nikita .. “Go on appologize to her .. she better come back .. or you know what will happen…” . he ran towards him from the gallery to the main door . I got up pretending to go to kitchen to see what will he do . He got to the door .. as she was about to open it .. he said “ma’am please wai..” she replied “what ?!” .. he quickly untaged his toga from top .. and it fall down reavealing his fat body and tiny dick .. i was so amused to see him.. but i kept quiet .. He said “ma’am , i know you are angry.. but i am really sorry ! it won’t happen again..” Riya was also amused .. she said “look at yourself .. you have such a tiny cock.. don’t u feel ashamed !” .. he said “yes ma’am i am ashamed .. ” As he started to pickup his toga.. she stepped on it and said “do you really wanna appologize…” he said “yes ..” she said “ok … i will remain in the party till you are nude…” .. he said “but ma’am” .. she said “no buts .. do u want me to go ?” he said “i will do as you say ma’am” .. i was amushed.. i ran back to the living room .. as i know what was coming and i can finally laugh it off. Riya came in .. saying “hey guys look what i have found .. mr . tiny cock over here want to appologize. ” . and the guy appologized in front of everyone . We all were amused at his performance .

Date: December 14, 2020

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