Cfnm birthday surprise for rich friend


So when i was in college , i saw this lonely shy fat girl sitting in one corner because no one wants to be her friend . Although she was fat , she was good looking . In college most folks have bg/gf , other looser girls who can’t score were already friends , so she was pretty lonely , I was as usual desperate to loose my virginity . So i said to myself she was my best shot . So i sat next to her , somehow in my mind i had this thought fat girls are horny , so it was true , she immediately responded in a nice way , Hi ..

So i talked very casually to her about the homework and stuff  . Her name is  Aisha .. So after chatting for a while , she immediately asked me “hey can you me out with networks homework ?” i said “ya sure, lets see. ” she said “no not now .. maybe you can come at my home around evening if possible ” I was a little shocked I said “yes sure, where do you live ?” .. She named a very expensive place where the rich people lives even from bollywood .. I said “ohk” .. She said “and hey don’t worry about the cab .. i know its very costly from here … i will reimburse you .. so don’t worry okay ? ” she said this in a nice way .. so i agreed . So i reached her apartment , nothing less than a palace . Only her mom and housemaid was there … She was nice to me too . We sat there for a while . than she invited me to her room . She was already wearing a skirt .. we actually studied that day … After a while . we became like best friends .. my visit to her house became almost regular . sometimes even her mom was not at home , although her maid was always there . We even had talks of confession whether we love each other . I always said to her that i liked her very much and not sure about love . She was cool with it . She had sometimes pushed boudaries though .. like keeping her hand on my lap . kissing me on cheek .I don’t know what gotten into me .. I was not just ready to fuck her yet.

Next month . Her mom was going to live with her dad abroad for about a month .. She gave me this news in very exciting voice . I knew her interntions . And it was about time .. I knew i had to make moves or she is going to angry on me . I was ready too . I made my plan .

As i reached her home .. Her maid was gone too . I asked her how she left ? She said “i gave her 20k bribe to leave and lie about this” .. I knew she was ready to jump me. So we talked for a while . She said “hey raj, why don;t you stay here at night . you can sleep in the other room , we can catch a movie tonight ?” I agreed .. So we were sitting on the sofa watching a very romantic movie . altough no sex but kisses . It was making me horny. She got up in middle and came back in a lingerie type skirt . I knew she will atleast want a kiss and no less. So i looked at her .. she started looking at me too and said “what ?” i said nothing .. and just smooched her .. she responded back with smooching .. We made out for about 15 mins of saliva exchanging. She was ready to unzip me .. I siad “maybe we should take it slow ? anyhow its your birthday tommorrow . i think i have a surprise for you tomorrow ..!” She said “really? wow .. i will wait till tomorrow .  ” But she couldn’t wait for kiss . So we pretty much kissed throughout the movie , ultimately i came in my pants . I think she noticed it . I think she came too after a while . that’s how we got to sleep in our rooms . I know i had to do something big for her .. I ate a viagra pill and got nude .. It was almost 7 am , she was still sleeping . I was totally nude . I opened her door .. she was wearing this short crop top and panties , i think i missed a treat at night . Anyways .. She was sleeping .. I said “wake up .. baby girl”.. she was half waked .. again i said “happy birthday baby girl..” she was awake and shocked . I think she was gonna cry of happiness , i said again “happy birthyday” .. she said “thank you ! is that my gift ?” i said “do you like your gift?” she said “yes oh god yes ..” she said “can i please touch it ? ” i said “yes baby its all yours!” she said “oh my god , its so warm and squishy!” i said “ya ? you know it taste good too!”  she immideately licked it and said yes oh my god baby you taste so good. she kept on sucking it like crazy .. After blowing me for 15 mins .. she said “baby i want you take my virginity” .. i said “sure but take this pill first .” .. she took it and we both started fucking . first we did it 2 times on the bed and than on the sofa .. i was still hard .. so we did it again . for about 8 times before night .. After i was really exahuasted .. so i slept on the bed .. when i woke up ,. it was around 12 am .. she was still sucking on my cock . We slept like a couple and enjoyed .

Date: November 28, 2020

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