Cfnm fun with my divorced aunt


I always had a fantasy about my distant aunt Anita. She was a typical indian aunty , Imagine a typical indian fat aunty , she was very fair in color , had huge boobs , she looks good but act dumb which make her overall very sexy to me, you know kind of innocent acting women who knows everything but acts dumb and innocent and talks in very low pitch feminine voice. Overall she is a very good looking milf.

She was married once for like 5 years than divorced permanently. She even married late in her 40s and by 50s she was divorced. Her husband accused her of cheating and divorced her . Well i was finally leaving for my higher studies to a different city and by all intentions i chosed my aunts place , i know these 3 years of my life are gonna be fun . She didn’t denied my stay at her home as she is a very welcoming and joyous person . She was very happy to have me .  I know i will end up having very romantic affair with her , so i thought to start it slowly my cfnm scenarios . I know she didn’t have any dick in a long time . Its only been 2 years after divorce and her case was still on and if she is seen with anyone she might lose , well nobody will suspect me.

That night when i arrived we both were having dinner , she was wearing this black nightsuit that just glorified her boobs , and made me get a hard on. Like i said she does these naughty things with much innocence atleast she respond to any sexy thing innocently . I got a hard on talking to her , i wanted her to see it. So i didn’t fixed it , infact i took the plates after eating and marched right on to the kitchen with the hard on . I know she had to see it. After a while we got to sleep.

At night around 12 i woke up, i had this very horny feeling of just going out nude to check on her . I got up , got nude and saw that she was in her room . I got back and slept , around 6 in the morning i got up . She was still asleep, After a while she got up , i knew she would come to check on me . So i quickly got nude and laid on my bed pretending to slept , my dick automatically got hard . In 5 mins , she banged my door , saying “Raj! are you awake ? Can i come in ?” i didn’t respond . after second try she just opened the door . She quickly looked at me and i can hear her shocked. She just ran out of the room in a hurry .

After that morning , she was feeling a little shy , we were eating breakfast . She said “i had to confess something !” … i know she would say it .. because of her innocent attitude . So i said “yes , what ?” , she said “well, today morning i was cleaning the house and i came into your room , i didn’t knew you sleep naked , i have knocked too , i am realy sorry ! i shouldn’t have entered like that . i am very sorry” . I said “well , stop apologizing , its my mistake aunt . i should have locked the door . its okay i am not angry or anything” . she said “thank you , you are very kind sweetheart.” . I know i have to say something naughty now .. I said “Well you know , back in home we had this maid , you know she used to clean the room while i was sleeping nude , well she didn’t mind , i don’t even know when she clean as i usually just sleeps” . she said “oh my ! really ?” . i said “yes, i mean she had the schedule to keep.” . she said “oh really , and you didn’t mind ? ” i said “well no. I am sleeping . well and also if you have to clean the room i understand its okay . You know timely things are important , i don;t want to come in between your schedule ” . She “oh well sweetheart , are you serious ? would you really not mind ?” i said “well i will be sleeping , so i will even not know !” . she said “ok ! thank you for being such a kind heart.” . Next day everything goes as planned . i recored everything to watch later . She came in the room , watched my dick for around 1-2 mins , all the time she was cleaning , she had her focus on my cock , looking here and there and my cock . I know she is fantasizing about it . This is what i want to do , is to make her tempted by my cock . 3-4 days gone by , she started spending more time in my room , and on 5th day , she was even rubbing herself . But i think she got scared so she stopped . I know i had to make a naked interaction with her, so i decided night time will be the best for it . I know she wakes up around 2am to drink some water from kitchen , so i decided i will go in the kitchen before her totally nude. So i did , i was waiting for to come , she around 2:20 am . To make it look real , as she came out of her room , i started drinking water, as she got in the hall , she could see me , as it was a open kitchen , she said “raj , is that you ? ” . I said “oh aunty , i am really sorry , i just got off asleep and came to have water quick.. ” .. she “well you don’t have to apologize dear , i almost see in your babysuit daily .. well i will not open the lights to make you feel embarrased ” . I know she was excited to see me again. she came right at me beside the fridge and asked if i would like some ice cream , i know she will take all the time to just keep me there . she can still see me . There was very dim light , like the moon light from my room only , so still we both can clearly see each other. She took out the ice cream and gave me in the bowl . I started to walk to my room , but she said “why don’t you eat it here , it will melt till you are in room” I know for sure now , she is liking these interactions . So to give her more better look of my cock , i sat on kitcken selve , my cock pointed right at her.  I can see firstly she did recoiled , having dick in her face .. than she came forward to take a better look , she was just 1 meter away from me . We talked for a while and got back to our rooms , i go first .

Next morning , next step , i didn’t took the towel in the bathroom , i called her to get me one, but she didn’t respond , than i asked second time , she said “oh honey why don’t you take yourself, i am busy over here in the kitchen.” I know she is planning something .. i said “well will it be okay if i step nude ? ” . she said giggling “oh honey, i see you nude everyday remember ? ” so i got out of the shower got straight into to the washing room looking for towels , to my surprise it was locked. I called her “it is locked. ” she said “well is it okay if i bring the keys ?” i said “okay .. ” . she came in a rush ,, pretty nervous … and she unlocked the door with her hands shaking . I knew she is nervous .. she said ” omg can you please quickly come in kitchen i think i put something on stove. you can take the towel again .. please hurry..” i know she kept something non accidently , when we got in kitchen i was totally nude, and there was this frying pan burning , i quickly kept it under the sink . she than quickly hugged me and said “oh thank you so much hun .. you have done a good job. you are truly a hero. ” It was like i was not even nude for her . i know she is just acting like she is ignoring me being nude . deep inside she was very excited , nervous . She quickly said “you sit down . let me fix you some quick eggs and bread. ” So i sat where my dick would be visible to her . I know she is excited and looking at me as her hands were trembling . She said dear would you take out the juice in 2 glasses please , completely ignoring the fact that my 6 inch hard on is poking at her, i was even catching her looking at my dick . So i got her , bouncing my dick and poured the juice . we sat and eat the breakfast .. chatted how she left the pan in the gas . But she never said anything about me being nude or towel . after eating i got up took the plates to the wash , putting my cock right in front of her face . Than we washed the plates together , . Well it was like she was so happy and excited to see me like that , that she doesn’t want it to end , so she kept giving me work to do . I was her eye candy at the moment , i was loving it too . I was loving how some times she was just looking at my cock while talking to me. Even i was putting it right in her face sometime , if i just grabbed her by the ass and kissed her she would have kissed me back even with more passion . But i don’t want to do that, i want her jump on me . And she was looking like she was going to do it anytime . So after that i got to my room and came like hell. It was around afternoon after 5pm . Now she would be expecting me end this act and come down in clothes , but i don’t have this intentions . I got my hard on back , i came down the kitchen / hall , she wasn’t there . So i got to her room , i could hear a women moan , i know she is fingering herself , so i knocked on the door , aunt are you there ? She quickly replied “ah yes honey , what is it ?” . I said “may i come inside ? ” . She said “sure darling , give me moment ” . I know she was nude , and putting her night gown on , and she got inside the sheats so i don’t notice . She said “ok sweety come inside” .. so i opened the door , she was for the first time in complete shock , she wasn’t expecting me to be nude and that too erect, i can tell from her face she was super horny now right now and can’t control it, to keep her out of her mercy , i asked quickly “ah aunt what’s up for dinner ?” she said “anything you want sweety. ” directly looking at my dick , i know things might get out of hands now . she is ready to jump . So i rushed out by saying , ok aunt how about fried chicken like last night , she said “sure honey.”  , i said “ok , i am going to the hall , are you coming down ?” . she said “yes sure honey . i will in a moment..” i know she is gonna finish her orgasm , as i said , i heard her again moaning after like 5 mins , she came down after 30 mins downstairs , i was sitting in the sofa waiting for her looking at my phone , she came down wearing this lingerie , black bra and panty with thick net, yet bra and panty were visible , i looked at her and said .. well you changed ? … Her faced turned red as she was caught robbing, well she thought i am not gonna say anything as she hasn’t said anything about me being nude  , instead just enjoy it  . She quickly came over her embarrasement and said “well its very hot today you know” .. now its on me .. i said “yes it is .. ” . This was her another desperate attempt to seduce me . But i was waiting for tomorrow , as it was her birthday tomorrow , and i am gonna gift her my dick as a present . So finally we cooked together and ate . And we got off to sleep . I got up as i had a plan , i thought lets give aunt a final surprise before her big day tomorrow . I sat on the sofa and turned on the tv , put on some porn , and made the volume high , the sofa was facing the opposite side of stair and the tv was clearly visible to the person standing on stairs . So i pretended like i was jerking off. moving my hands . after 5-10 mins of voice she came down , i was watching everything on my phone on my lap via the camera in hall . she came down and literally got shocked watching me seeing porn , nearly fainted she had to calm herself down . she stood there watching me in shade for 5 mins , started touching herself, the porn video finished as i was playing it in vlc , so everything stopped , complete blank screen . She got her chance , she switched on the light saying … “raj dear.. is that you .. i heard the tv ?” .. i said “oh yes , aunt . i was just watching tv … was the volume too high , i am really sorry . my room tv is not working right now ..” she said “oh dear .. its okay . just turned the volume little low .. ” Meanwhile she is contantly looking at my oiled dick and that oil bottle . I purposely took her virgin olive oil , she cannot say anything about it , otherwise she would have to talk about what it is doing on my 6 inch hard cock . She just avoided that . Her eyes were going multiple times times on the bottle and my shinning dick. So after drinking water , she got to sleep .

Next day morning was the big day , finally when she can get her prize for her patience . I got up by 5 am . as she wakes up around 5:30 am and come down to the hall to watch tv . Well i was pretty sure we will be fucking or licking or kissing each other whole day so any other plan would be just not feasible . I have already taped condoms in the bathroom , hall bed , hall sofa , my room bed , kitchen etc . except her room. well i will be sleeping in her room from now on so anyways . Even my stuff was already packed to move in with her in her room.

So i got to the main hall in the morning , i was wearing a birthday hat , a ribbon in bow shape on my dick , like its a present , holding cake on my one hand from its base and non alchoholic wine in other , because i want her to really fall in love with me and my lovestick not under alchohol pressure. I was also holding a birthday whistle in my mouth, as she was walking down on stairs , my hearbeat was just racing. She came down and i blowed out the whistle , and droped it and sang “happy birthday to you..” for like 15 seconds and hugged her with the cake and bottle in my hand, I kept both on the table later as she followed me and sat on the sofa . I gave her a knife and asked her to cut the cake, meanwhile me hanging my dick in front of her . She was very happy and excited . Than i sat down on the sofa and opened the grape wine , gave her a glass and with me a glass , i have already ate a viagra pill , so my erection wasn’t coming down , she was noticing that . As she was drinking the wine , she said “i am very happy raj that you remembered .” while she holded my hand on sofa , this made me excited . Now is the time to give it to her and make her mine .  I stood in front of her , there was almost 1 meter space between me and her , i said “i have a confession to make ..” .. she stood back in the sofa .. as the dick was right in front of her face. she said giggling “what did you do now ? go on”.. I can just cut this chat and start having sex with her , she would have given me a jump anytime .. I said “well i love you !” . she got blank and uncomfortable , though still sitting there in innocence .. she said “well , sweety i love you too” … i said “no , i love you like a men , i am sexually attracted to you and want to have a sex with you soon as possible. I know you feel same about me , i know you want my cock , i know you are attracted to me” . She stood there completely blank , though not angry but like she is caught stealing . I added  “We could have a beautiful relationship , no one is here is judging us , i know you love me and you know i love you.” Than i took off the cake rubbed it in on my dick head , all the cream was there on my dick head , than i said look at me , she looked directly in my eyes , i knew they were filled with love and emotions , like wanted to kiss me . I said “be the women , take what is yours , go ahead . ” She looked at my dick , and she brought her head forward and licked it one and saw me .. and took the whole dick in her mouth .. giving it a few blowjob moves . , she has licked the whole cream off. she came backward and looked in my eyes and said .. “i love you too ” … i could not resist her temptation now , i grabbed her in sofa and started kissigng her voinltently , she started expressing her love, she started saying things like “yes i love you very much” , yes i love your dick , i was on top of her , i said “well why didn’t you said anything and why were you ignoring it ” . She said “it was looking so good, i don’t want you to hide it . i don’t know what would you do if i said to you..” after a little chat i said “ok shhh.. close your lips ” i started kissing her .. than i pulled out a condom and wore it real quick , i took off her bra ..and panty .. and finally i was inside her .. she started screaming with pleasure … she was kissing me more as she was getting fucked . . we were smooching each other , while we were fucking , i was kissing her tounge , it was too sensual and erotic . Finally after 35 mins , she came .. soon after her i came too .. she was very satified , she said “god , i was so horny seeing you naked all the time .. i love you and cock so much ” . as we both came, we were lying down nude like a romantic couple in love . she said “she never felt a men before like this ”  . i asked “what she mean ?” .. she said “her husband divorced her .. not because she was cheating but because he couldn’t get it up” .. i said “ohk ..” .. she was not stopping kissing me . i said .. so its like we are married now … isn’t it ? she said “yes it looks like it ..” .. i said “well tonight .. will be our honey moon.. ” she said “oh god yes..  i want you to hold me all night in your arms” .. i said “sure i will . ” .. she added  “love, this house and me is all yours now, do whatever and whenver you feel too”.. i know what she means.. she is very horny, she wants me to fuck her everytime .. so after 5 mins .. she started giving me a handjob and blowing my dick .. after that we fucked for an hour full of passion . She said “well comon honey .. now lets eat the breakfast.. ” she was nude.. it was breath taking to see her sexy ass like that .. i sat on the chair .. she cooked few eggs real quick .. she came and sat on hard dick .. not taking it inside but in very confortable position between her legs… she was full of love and romance . She gave me food in spoons and fed me like a wife .. and kissed me meantime .. i fed her too ..  well after that we chatted a while ..she was sitting on my lap .. she was talking very naughty now .. i carried her in my arms to her room and we did it like 2 times more .. in different positions now .. after which we were really tired .. and slept . As  i woke up , her panty was around my dick with a note in it .. saying “i am in kitchen love ” .. as i removed the panty i saw a lip mark on my dick .. i loved how naughty she was .. i rushed down .. and saw her cooking .. she was wearing proper clothes , something like a maxi .. so i walked in with my boner and said “well i am looking for this lovely lady who happened to forgot her panty on my dick and perhaps she kissed my dick too”.. she said giggling “well , i don’t see a naked lady around here “.. so i came on her back .. rubbed my dick on her ass . kissed on her neck and asked “can we have sex now ? i really want to fuck you ” . She said “honey you are turning me off… you can strip me and fuck me whenver you want .. i your property now .. all you gotta do is bend me over .. you don’t have to ask ” .. so pushed her to the counter and bended her .. and sticked my finger right in her pussy , she goes “oh my ..” .. i like her feminine voice .. makes you turn on .. .. so after finger banging her .. i finally fucked her with my dick .. she was enjoying it .. we fucked for an hour in the kitchen floor . she came on top of me .. after sex .. we eat lunch .. while she couldn’t keep her hands off my dick .. she continuosly massaging my dick … and she even made me cum in between .. after lunch we opened tv. but we didn’t watched it .. instead we fucked one more time . she said she was feeling filthy so we decided to go in for a shower together .. she gave me a blowjob in shower . it hits different under a hot shower . i fucked her like crazy . after shower i quickly wore her panty .. to make her laugh.. she said “give me panty .. comon”.. i said “if i gave you i will be nude ..’ she said “you look sexy nude..” .. i said “no i am not giving ..” she started laughing and walking down ..she was walking down with her sexy ass. i got horny .. i pushed her aside the wall and started fucking her .. she said “now that’s how a man should do it.. ” she was really enjoying it .. than we were finally all out .. we both cuddled each other in her room and started watching tv till its dinner time , we ate dinner and came back to the room .. i was already nude .. i stripped her clothes and we did it again .. and slept like babies. around 1 am i got up and she was sleeping innocently .. i saw her huge ass . i couldn’t resist . so i fucked her again .. she got up.. and started giggling and moaning .. i wishpered .. “tommorrow morning.. wake me up with a blowjob ok”.. she said “sure love.. ”  she did the same thing .. she started sucking me in morning and said wake up honey .. she finished the job . i like how she was wearing clothes all the time .. for just me to strip her .. so i got up .. head down wearing pajama . she was shocked .. she was giggling .. she started giving me a blowjob and asked me to not wear anything again .. as i seem sexy to her naked .. well i too never had her wearing panty … anytime she wears .. while cooking or watching tv or doing something .. i immedieately give her a quick fuck and take her panty off as sovenuire . she was happy and i was happy too ..

Date: November 12, 2020

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