Cfnm with Indian Tution Teacher

CFNM with indian female teacher

Hi my name is Raj , This is my story . This incidence happened when i was taking private tutions from Bhaanupriya ma’am. Our college class was very small since it was not a popular college , rarely there were 4-5 students . Of which 3 were girls and 2 were boys . So one day mam announced private tution clases if anyone has doubts , so i joined quickly with 2 other girls , rest didn’t joined . I liked Bhaanupriya mam from begining , she had these enormous boobs and figure , i was totally crazy about her . She was a true goddess , moreover she was very friendly and i think somewhat had a naughty mind . She always makes naughty remarks and jokes . She was unmarried . Some says she has affairs with college professors , in total she was a total godess.

So it was the first day of our class , we reached at her house , it was around 6 pm . She opened the door and there was she in a red hot satin nighty , i couldn’t take eyes off her her body was just magnificient. She said “Sorry guys , i just woke up , i sleep instantly after coming from college , hope you guys wouldn’t mind.” . I couldn’t believe what’s going on , her cleavage was clearly visible , i couldn’t control my mind , niether my dick , yet there i was sitting and discussing problems with her like nothing going on . Suddenly she said “I need that book from top of the shelves in that room , quick raj can you please get it , the girls wouldn’t reach it .” . As i started to stand up i noticed a huge erection underneath my backup , i didn’t move , she looked at me strangely and said what happened ? . i said i have some pain in my foot i can’t move , she got a little angry as she thought i am too lazy to move and said “you know this is all you guys problem , you all are just too lazy to do anything , well i am not going , you all better not study anything” , I was still hard , the girls started insisting on me on why i was not moving , i said i have pain but every one knows i was lying . Suddenly i felt a pinch of niddle / pen on my back , it was my classmate . I immediately jumped off the sofa and stood up . and there i was with my huge erection in front of all 3 females in the room ,  as i noticed that they noticed my errection , i immediately jumped into a chair next to me and to make it more funny i grabbed my bag and covered my croch . Now the laughter bursted out of them all , mam was laughing heavily and said “oh my god raj , what the hell you imagining in middle of the study, oh god you boys are just …” they continued laughing , she was laughing like this

and was not stopping , seeing her laughing the other 2 girls started lauhging again . She said “well let me get the book for you ” and she took off.  Meanwhile i was sitting there embarrased in front of these two giggling and smiling girls , i was just about to cum due to there laughing .

Later that night around 9 i recieved a message from mam , come over to my house i need a help i will tell you . So i came over , She was very nervous and tense and she said “There is something if i tell you , you need to promise me you won’t tell anyone”, i said “yes sure , i promise but what is it ?” She said  “ok here it goes, There is this guy “Raman” he is a professor in other department you might not know him , we have been like fuck buddies for few years , now he is not caring about me anymore and doesn’t even reply back to my messages. I want him to teach him a lesson , i want to send him something so that he thinks i am with another guy, so that he feels jealous.” i said “oh ok , so you want to sent a picture of you and me ?” , She “Yes not only that , you see i have been with this raman because he worth it , he have huge manhood. And when i saw your errection earlier in tution , i know you are his competetion, i want him to know he is not unique or one and only “.. . ME “are you serious?” .. She “Yes this sounds crazy , but this is only idea , besides i will give anything you want , besides good grace for your exams” . Me “ohk what do you want to do ?” .  She “See obviously i am not gonna take clothes off in front of you or anything , i just need a photo of your cock with me , so i figured i will bend over and you can place your cock over me like you are fucking me.” .  She “See in this way you don’t have to be embarrased in front of me by getting nude , you will take the photo from behind and get dressed  , so i will see nothing and you are done. ” Me “Ohk its okay by me.” .

So as decided she bent over in a blue saree and i got nude, i was like in heaven 11 , as i pulled my pants down and my cock exposed in front of her , though she was looking but it still feels so good , i was about to explode my cum , i got excited and i also took off my shirt and thrown everything away , coz i wanted her to see me. So i kept my dick on top of her and clicked the photo , she adjusted herself back and forth , and was enough to make me rain . I came all over her back and her hair got messed up . As i started cumming , i pushed her down and gave all my body wieght on her , she screamed “raj , what are you doing , get off me .. ” .. I said “i am so sorry” . She “raj , you are a moron .” After 1 min of cumming , i got off her , she was almost all wet in the back … and falled right on the floor and laid flat .. she turned around and yelled “god , you yough boys can’t control yourself . wait here let me put on something else” .. i had no intentions of putting up any clothes , i want to talk nude to her . .She came in the bathrobe and said “why are you still naked .. one photo is enough, hope you got it right ?” So i shamelessly got her phone with my hands while my semi erect dick was pointing at her and said “yes it was a nice shot” and started showing her the photos . She said “this is perfect revenge raj , i am so gratefull , i can do anything for you just ask” .. So the first thing i asked was obviously sex . She said “well raj , i know it is obvious you want to have sex with me but listen i really like you the way you are and i don’t want anything else.. ” So next i asked “ohk , its fine , but you have to make me nude in front of the other two girls in the tution and from now on i will be totally nude in the tution . ” She “hmm , i think i can do that . “

Date: October 27, 2020

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  1. Bro continue this story, i really liked your cfnm stories. Not bullies, just teasing and funny but also sexy stories.

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