Caught nude by female sports teacher jaspreet ma’am (indian cfnm)

Indian cfnm sports teacher

Hi i am Raj, this is the story of me when i was in Sports college. My major was in Football and my coach “Jaspreet” ma’am was one tough ballbreaker , she was famous for being one tough ballbreaker, She was tough on all guys.

One day me and some other guys were talking about jaspreet ma’am suddenly one of the guys said told this story on how , jaspreet ma’am enters in the male bathroom like she don’t give a damn, one other guy confirms the same . I thought how lucky can one be , this is ther percect situation , one time you are all clothed and respectfull in front of her , next time you are nude and submissive in front of her .

I have always seen Jaspreet ma’am as a dominant women, she usually wear this short top and mini pants , i really liked to be submissive and nude in front of her . So i made a plan of to be last remaining in the shower , i know for sure she would be coming to close the bathroom.

So on the very next day , i kept showering till last , Suddenly i hear footsteps coming towards the shower , i knew this was her ,She came towards the shower and standed there for a second , i was still showering facing towards the shower , than she said “is it you raj ?” I immideatly turned around like i was shocked and said “yes” . She took a good look at me in a very dominant way , like my nudity means nothing . And said “don’t you know its 5 pm bathroom needs to be closed, i have to leave too by 5:30” , I said “yes sorry ma’am  i got busy and got late to the bathroom” . She said “oh ok , i understand, well lets go now .” I said sure.. I said “where are the towels?”  She said “you see ! .. the cleaning guy must took it ,, its late after 5..”  Pause for a while .. she said “Well . i guess if you just stand for 5 mins you will get dry…” I said “ok..” . Now i was standing totally nude in front of her . She said while looking at my dick… “what was your score this sem ?” I said “it was around 9” .. she “oh yes… you are quite nerdy … right..” . Me “Well i am interested in football so..” .. she “hmm ok..” .. As i finished my sentence i got a 6 inch hard boner .. i quickly hode it with my hands .. she giggled a bit and said .. well its completey normal.. i think it is a complement .. i said i am sorry. . she said “its no problem”.. so we talked for about 6-8 mins .. than she said .. have you taken the physical examination yet ? .. ME “no” .. She “ohk you see you need to take this physical test.. if you don’t mind i can take it now…” me “ya sure..” .. She grabbed my balls and said me to cough .. my balls were full and my dick was super hard .. instead of coughing i came on her hands.. She was disgusted and laughed … boy you need some self control….

Date: October 23, 2020

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