Indian Naked prank on senior girl by junior guy


Hi i am Vicky , This is my story when i was in college . I use to hang out with 3 of my seniors , Ritika di (fair , bold and beautiful) , Sneha di (a little fat , studious yet very sexy) , Komal di (a little wheat color , bold and sexy) . We 4 were like best buddies and share everything among us.

One day Komal and ritika di called me and said they were thinking about a prank , i was confused . I asked them what is it about ?

They said “You know Sneha is going to be lonely again this valentines day… anyways what you are doing ?”

i said “well nothing, my gf broke up with me”

Them “oh that’s said, we both also have dates , but it looks like you and sneha are going to be free.”

Them “We came up with an idea, you know sneha have never been with a guy before and probably never seen a dick before . ”

I said “hmm i know”

Them “We were thinking to arrange a gigolo , but you know there are many trust issues with indian gigolos.”

Me “ok , so ?”

Them “So we were wondering if we can hire someone we can trust . Like you !?”

Me “what , me ? no way. ”

Them “why , look you are our junior, its not like she is going to be serious with you. Infact you will be lucky if you can sleep with your senior”

Me “Are you serious ?”

Them “yes , we are ! Listen just don;t worry about it , if anything gets out of hand we will take over , anyways i (komal) will come early after the date”

So finally at night we get outside sneha di room , We got in with the spare key ,

Komal di – “So Vicky here is the idea, you will be waiting for Sneha totally nude on background wall there will be written happy one night valentines day, okay? ”

I said “yes fine”

Ritika “Here vicky, take these pills with the water.”

Me “what are these ? ”

Ritika di “These are something that will help you all night.”

Me “okay , but what are these ?”

Komal in laughing tune “Oh vicky , these are the pills that ritika’s bf take.!”

Ritika “Oh shut up komal, vicky these are viagra pills , these will make your penis rock hard and will give you stamina ”

Komal di “Here keep these condoms too , and tape them beside the bed.”

Ritika di ” and this last thing, oil. make sure to use a lot of it”

Ritika di “Ohk that’s all , komal lets go . ”

KOmal di “wait ritika,  vicky we want you to strip right now , so that we know you didn’t chickened out!”

Ritika di “komal ?”

Me “you got it , ” , i started stripping immediately as i got excited .

Ritika di “turn around komal ” . They both turned around

I finally removed my underwear and throwed my clothes in front of them , they took the clothes and left .

I laid on the bed and took some oil and started rubbing out my hard cock, it became very shiny

After a long time i heard a knock , i knew she was Sneha di . I quickly hidden my dick with a heart shape balloon , so she doesn’t gets a heart attack . I got nervous .

She entered in the room and switched on the lights , She got shocked , her voice got stuck, she looked at the sign in shocked position and than at me , she was laughing and fearing at same time ,

Finally she gathered her voice and said “what is going on ? ” why the hell you are naked ? Are you expecting someone ? in my room !!

I said “yes , i am expecting you , we can have fun tonight , no one will know” saying so i removed teh baloon and my 6 inches shiny cock springed in front of her , she was just staring at it and not saying anything again .

She than looked at me and said “you got the wrong idea , get out of here right now .”

i know this is going south . So i got up and apolized to her , and told her about the whole plan by ritika and komal di , after 5 mins she got normal and understood . She said “i really do appreaciate you all thinking about me 🙂 , but i am fine. ” So i asked her a naughty question “what do you think about my cock? ” she “well its amazing , i am impressed ! ”

I said “ok i guess i had to get going to take my clothes from komal di , i don’t know if she back yet ..” . She said “oh yes she back and lonely too , maybe you have a good chance over there ….” She “ok , hand me a towel and i will be get going …” she “towel no way , you are not even getting a hanky from my room. this is your punishement , walk over to komal room totally nude , i will call it even. ”

I said okay and i started walking towards the door , i see there were 2 girls in the gallery i had to walk past them , Sneha di said me to go right in front of them . So i had no choice but to leave .

As i leaved she closed the door behind me , i gunned towards komal di door which is at the end of the gallery. i can see the 2 girls started laughing at me . I banged the door but no ones was there . I was super embarrased now . I was scared now if they both are going to complain about me . i came to sneha di door and cried for help but she didn’t opened and said this is my punishment . After a while komal di came up she asked me about what happened , after a little chit chat we were inside the room . I know she is mesmerized looking at my cock , so i stood right in front of her . after a few minutes we were in the bed.


Date: October 13, 2020

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