CFNM with indian aunty and her students in nude beach .

Hi , i am Raj . This incidence happened with me a few years back , when i was visiting my aunt (Massi) in California. She is a professor by profession , she has been living there for quite some years now, she doesn’t believe in marriages so she never married . Though she is very rich . She is very quite and studious type . She liked me very much, she always take care of me , money-wise. We were very close too . I like her too , she is my best aunt .

So i was visiting her for the week , she has this nice leased house in the beach . It was wonderful . There were all kind of things in the house . She was living there for 2 months now and the next day in the morning i realized why . There was a nudist beach right outside over our house . And there was all naked people in the beach. And to her luck, there was a group of totally naked men playing voleyball right in front of her house . When i woke up in the morning , i was totally surprised , i said to her in a teasing way , so this is the reason you took the house here .. hmm ? She got shy a little , than suddenly a nude black guy came right outside the beach facing door and asked her if she wanna join today ? I can notice my aunt eyes were stuck on the guys 7 inch black dick . She just couldn’t look away , this was a like a mini heaven for her .

Once he left , i teased her a little bit “Today? , have you joined them earlier too massi ? oh my god , have you joined them naked !!? ” .

She (in a naughty voice )- “Well .. It is the rule of the game here , raj”

Me – “Oh my god massi , you are so cool !!”

she winked*

After that we sat and ate some breakfast and my aunt looking out of window checking out the men on beach . I liked her this side, she is so cool , independent . I want to live like her .

She said “lets go out in the beach after the breakfast”

I said “ya sure, i need to my boxers shorts , i couldn’t find them must be in the car luggage”

She said “Boxers ? this is a nude beach raj. People will be offended if you go out dressed checking them out.”

I said “Oh ok . Actually massi i am not very confortable naked around people . Will you be naked too ?”

She (laughing)- “what ? are you silly. I am not gonna be naked in front of you .. your nakedness is gonna cover it for both of us..”

Me – “oh ok massi.. but massi .. i am not sure..”

She “Why ?”

Me – “I have never been naked in front of you , i will feel embarrased.”

She – “I understand raj , its okay . but you don’t have to feel embarrased , be open minded , its just a nude beach , its not like i have not seen you nude when you were small , plus look around you , there are so many naked men , it will not be something new to me . Unless you embarassed of youself” and she giggled ..

Me (laughingly) – oh no, i am very proud of myself …

She – oh really ? Well lets see . I have a challenge for you . You need to get your other suitcase of the car right ? Here are the keys, drop all your clothes on the front entrance of the house and get your suitcase out nude .

Me – Ok challenge accepted ,

So i got up , walked out of door, and dropped all my clothes , i know she is watching everything , but she is probaby having a view of my butt, so i walked out to the car , got the bag , came back hiding my dick with the bag . Becuase i wanna see her reaction personally , i can see her smiling and waving from window, i was walking towards the house . I entered the house , totally nude only with only a bag between me and her .

I dropped the bag .

She – “wow raj, i didn’t knew you have grown so much.  i am completely shocked , i didn’t expected you so much big!”

ME – ”what ?, Why?”

She – “You know , just in general idea , indian men are usually smaller in size . Well certainly you are not one of them!”

She – “okay now lets hit the beach”

Me – “Okay”..

After wondering around 10 mins along the sea , I got a hard on , my dick was compeletely erect , she noticed it .

Me – “I am sorry , i am too excited . Is it okay or should i go back to house.”

She “Yes its completely normal .. just continue walking ”

She – “Doesn’t seem to be much girls around here. How did you got so hard.”

Me – “Well , i am a virgin , nude in a beach , you can figure that out .”

She – laughing.

She – “I have another challenge for you .. This time there will be a reward.”

Me – “What? ”

She – “Well i was thinking , what would you do , if i invite some of my class girl students over , they have been here before . ”

ME (laughingly) – “what ? wait no.. i will be dead of embarrasement.. anyways what will be the reward ?”

She – “I will tell you something secret about my personal life. Moreover, i will tell the girls that you are my nephew , you know what you might just get lucky .. !”

Me – “what ? seriously ? are you sure?”

She – “Definetely”

Than she picked up the phone and called her students .

She – “They will be here in sometime.”

ME – “okay!”

As we were walking ..  i ejaculated …

Me – “i am really sorry , i really didn’t know how that happened”.

she laughing “no problem raj .. its natural .. don;t be embarrased , good thing it doesn’t happend in front of any girls. ”

After a few minutes we got a call from the girls that they are here .

So there were total 5 girls .

2 of them were white (Emily, Katie) , 3 were black (Ashleé ,Naomi , Raven ).

She came from inside the house , me and massi were standing close to the sea , so they all were walking  towards us, As soon as i got my eyes on Ashlee, i got stunned , i have never seen girl so perfect , she looked like a godess , she had a very cute face , dark skin , huge breast and sexy butt, on top of that she was wearing a very tiny yellow bikini .

I got hard immediately . The girls were also laughing and talking on there way to us , i know what they were giggling about , As they got close to us , i said to massi , should i cover myself, she said  – absolutely no , let the girls have there fun ! .

Now i am more nervous because i was just about to cum .

Massi – “Girls , this is my nephew raj, raj . this is …..”

One by one i was shaking there hands . As soon as i shook asslee hands i came . Asslee reaction was oh my god, and other girls were laughing . Katie offered me a little tissue to clean myself,  while i was doing it , they were giggling and watching. i felt embarrassed and good at same time .

After that we started taking some pics. Me and massi took one together , i was non erect at that time due to cum shot , but soon after photo i got erect again , thanks to asslee.

After a little while Emily and raven got totally nude, katie took her top off. The sight was heavenly , but ashlee and naomi were still clothed . After a while chatting we all decided to go back , as it was already evening . All the girls were clothed again heading back to massi house , as i was picking the underwear , massi said .. leave it . . you wanna have some embarrasement fun .. just be naked .. unless someone ask you to be clothed.  So i left my underwear there and started walking back with the clothed girls , they were still in bikinis though .. we reached in the house, i was still hard. . i can see the girls gosipping about me .. why i was still naked… So i sat right in front of ashlee , with my cock erect. All girls were looking right at it.. and no one is saying anything . . So after a while all the other girls left . But Ashlee and Katie stayed . I have a chance of getting laid . But nothing too erotic happened till midnight .

Katie and Ashlee were sleeping in other room , me in the one across the hall . Massi was upstairs . At night i noticed , Asslee came out of the room , and was going to the kitchen , i was wearing my proper clothes at dinner , last the girls saw me in . So i removed everything , and got totally nude .

She was in her full pajama night suite, i sneeked behind her and said hello . First she saw my face and than my dick and said laughingly oh my god why are you naked ? i said well i go to sleep naked , it is comfortable . she was amused, . she said , oh really ? what if somebody caught you ? i said , well there is only massi in the house , i don;t care , she said , what about us, what if we caught you ? i said . i want you to caught me . Her reaction dropped into complety black face . She was looking at me , with a sudden attraction , So i rushed into kissing her , she pulled back , and said,listen i have a bf , but i wanna do this , this will be a one night thing , alright ? , i said , sure. She kissed me like crazy and we fucked right on sofa, after a few minutes we she was lying in my arms , like a beautifull price , carrasing my dick slowly . I loved that feeling . We were smootching and kissing each other like we were actual gf and bf , but we both don’t wanaa leave each other lips . She tasted like a peach .

After a while, we heard a women moaning every loud , we didn’t noticed it earlier as asslee was also moaning , we thought katie had company , but after focusing we sensed it was coming from upstairs . Asslee gave me this shockig and amused look .. “oh my god , its ma’am upstairs ” . i was like , what ? no . She grabbed my hand and we both ran slowly naked towards her room . Her beatiful tushy and breast were making me hard again . We reached her room and by voice we confirmed it was massi , but the point was that who was the guy ? . So we sneaked inside from the window , and we both were shocked. She Was taking a huge black cock in her ass , and at sametime sucking on a big dick white muscled dude like a lollipop.  I have never seen this side of massi , i didn;t knew she was so horny , and slutty , i liked this ,i know she was enjoying herself and getting the best out of life. I  am happy for her . Seeing all this made asslee very horny , she started stroking my dick while watching them , after a while she got on her knees and started sucking on my dick. I was on heaven 11 . After a while ,the big daddy came out of the room , so we had to run away , he would probably going to tell on massi .

Me and asslee slept together all night , we fucked 2 times , and slept around 4 am .

In morning , when i woke up , they both were gone , but i had a thing hanging on my cock. It was asslee pink panty.  I liked her gift and kept it .

I was still nude and was confused on whether should i go out nude , what if massi was there . So i decided to just go out nude, massi was sitting right there, she was a little embarrased and scared about last night . She actually made me a very nice breakfast. And wecomed me warmly and was completely ok with my nudity . She was infact happpy i am now comfortable.