Indian Cfnm with best friend bhavna | Got naked for her to choose wardrobe


So Bhavna and me were best friends . We were very close to each other , we use to share everything to each other regarding our life and relationships etc. As you might have read the earlier story where i exposed myself to bhavna and she turned me down for sex , you got the idea of how close we are , but we never really did sex. Do i want to fuck her ? yes ! . But she didn’t yet now .

So one day , she got a call from her rich boyfriend  demanding hot photos from her , she never send nudes to any guy , so she decided to try on a couple of dresses and send him the photos.

She gave me a devilious smile and said , “hey harsh, you know i need your help in selecting the sexy and hottest outfit to send to Vicky. I said “yes sure”. She smiled and continued  .. “But , actually i need you to be naked…. ” . Me – “What ? naked ? but why … ” . She-  “I just wanna see how you response to me in those dresses, moreover its not like something new to you.. ” .Me – “Oh no bhavna , that day i was drunk , otherwise i would have never done that..” She – “Oh really? you were were totally errect and ready for me . Don’t lie! . See i am asking for a small favour , just decide , i will not beg to you. ”  Inner me – I really want to be in cfnm situation again with bhavna . ….So after showing a little ego denying the offer, i accepted it , so that she doesn’t feel i am a pervert .

Me – “Ok , bhanva i will do it . But you owe me big time.”

She – “Oh thanks harsh …. you are my best buddy!!”

So finally we were in her house , she said “ok harsh , let me go and try on my first dress , meanwhile you can get nude and lay down on bed ” and she winked .

I was already excited and erect . So i thought she will take around 10 mins to get ready , So i should just rub one out , So i did . A very few cum came out , as i did it too qucikly . So i got relaxed and laid on the bed .

After a min she came out  , my dick was in perfect shape nor too erect , not too small . She started smiling and laughing , she got a little shy too . I was laying over there like a shameless person , trying to make eye contact with her . So she started posing . I clicked first photo . She noticed that my dick is errect now , she pointed at me smiling , look at youself you pervert , i am your best friend for god shakes . in a laughing voice. I also replied . “so what , aren’t you are a women? ”

After that i told her to pull down her short pants and let her panty show off .

Indian Cfnm with best friend bhavna
Indian Cfnm with best friend bhavna

She probably noticed my hard on errrection and said … “This one is definetely going to him , just look how excited it got you (smiling)”

Indian Cfnm with best friend bhavna
Indian Cfnm with best friend bhavna

For the third picture she said she wanna try on a mini skirt . Actually that mini skirt just blew off my mind, and i couldn’t control myself. After taking first few shots , without touching myself, i came. She was just shocked by the sight . she said “oh my god.. harsh , i didn’t knew . this mini skirt will get you this excited . i am very thankfull to you. Just go get youself get cleaned . ”

Indian Cfnm with best friend bhavna
Indian Cfnm with best friend bhavna

So i got up , while i was going towards the bathroom she spanked a little on my ass.  It felt good, like i was in her control . I liked roaming around nude like that in front of her . I tried to take up as much time i can . I didn’t took my cloths yet . When i came back from bathroom , she has already worn back her regular outfit, i came back 5 mins later with a hard on. She was probably texting her BF the images, i pretended that i am too exausted from the session and i sat back on her sofa , with my 5 inch errect cock pointing right at her trying to gain her attention, while she sitting on the bed . I sat there for like 2 mins , i can notice she was trying to take sneaky pics of me nude , i noticed her and ignored . She was probably mesmerized by my errect cock , Before she could say anything to me like to get dress or anything , i asked her if i can get a glass of water. She said yes , she didn’t asked me to get dressed because she thought i was too exausted , so she got back with a glass of water , and standed above me , while i was drinking it , i know as she was standing right above me , she is taking my pics from above. I drank the water and stood up with my errect cock . She got embarrassed , i can see her face got red . I handed the glass to her and started wearing my clothes and we left . to be continued ….

Date: September 30, 2020

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