Cfnm in India with cousin sisters

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I was visiting my Nani house after many years . My Mausi house was also near my nani house . So sometimes i use to go and visit there house . Both my cousin sisters are grown up . They are having excellent body. I was also having athletic body. I know they will like my body after watching me after so many years. They were attracted to me and were not leaving me alone the whole time .

i was excited , i had recently changed my college after 1st semester . So one day when the whole family was visiting a local relative in next village me and my cousin sisters were alone for whole day. Suddenly my Neha (Brown one) cousin asked me “Bro , why did you changed your college all suddenly ?” i said “No reason .. just nothing ” .. She said “oh common , we heard you were ragged . ” I said “No i was not” . Alisha said “Oh c’mon Neha , leave big brother alone. ” Neha said “Why, did they made you nude like in the movie 3 idiots ?” and both of them giggled… I said “Hell No . ” Neha “Than what was it” ~ in a naughty mood..

I was already horny. I thought why not make up a cfnm story and tell them maybe they get interested in cfnm with me. ..

I said “Yes it was something similar .  ” Neha (excited) – “Really, what was it ? ” . Me – ” If i tell you guys , Do you promise you will not tell anyone, cause it is little shameful for me.” They – “Yes , we promise !” .

Me – “Ok, When i was in that college. One night seniors came to our room and called us all out. They said that our ragging will be done by senior girls from MBA . ” (both of them started giggling) . So we went to the girls hostel at night sneaking from the guards , Lady warden was already tipped off heavily. She didn’t cared , infact she was also going to enjoy the show. She took us to the mba girls room . We were like 12 hostel boys. Warden said “Cmon strip to your underwear. And you will be called one by one inside . Do whatever the senior girls says alright. Don’t argue !  So we were standing there with our undies on” .

Neha “What seriously . ? How did you feel about that ?” Me – “For truth i was feeling ok , because it was only girls. And there is no harm in getting nude in front of girls ” Neha “ok what happended next ?”

After that the first boy came out , he said “he is not supposed to tell what happened inside and he left.” After that my turn came , i got inside the room , there were around 10 Mba senior girls.  Everyone was wearing short tops and mini jeans . One of them said “Ok , Let us know your name and drop your undie .”

Neha and Alisha”what !!?”

I said “Yes , they were going to rag. So , i did as they said . I dropped the underwear . I was an 18 year old guy standing in front of 10 Beautiful ladies, naturally I got an errection. ”

Neha “What seriously?”

Alisha “What is an errection?”