Indian Cfnm with Neha Bhabhi in Toronto

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Hi , Everyone I am Nikhil . 2 years back i moved to Toronto to pursue higher studies. I joined a college nearby my Elder brother house. He is a software engineer in a firm in Toronto . He is recently married. My bhabhi Neha is very sweet and friendly.

One day there was a Pride festival in Toronto. Everyone was going , since we live in a white neighbor hood everyone were preparing to go visit. So my Bhabhi informed me about the pride festival  , how people from all communities come together to celebrate , i was excited.  We got ready and left the home . My brother as usual was on a trip . So basically me and her were at home.

When we got there we both were surprised on seeing so many different people , when we started going on deep in the crowd we saw a group of naked men . I can see that my bhabi was totally shocked and blushing . She got nervous and amused at same time . And tried to ignore them and change the path . After strolling around the crowd we got to a nude bicycle event happening close by. Some people were in Underwear / Bikini , some were fully nude. The event was happening on two roads separated by a building , suddenly neha bhabhi said “Let’s participate in this naked bicycle event, see there are so many people no one will see us.” I was a little shocked , i said “ok”. She said “Wait, you might feel a little embarrassed with me, let’s ride separately on different roads and meet at the end ?” I thought she will be embarrassed so she was saying this . I said “ok” and she left to other road . And i started getting nude , i can see a bunch of girls around there. So i was very nervous . I took a plastic bag from nearby and kept my all cloths and underwear inside it. I was really excited on catching my bhabhi nude on other end.

I undressed quickly and soon i was standing bare bottom with my dick flying in air. I got hard instantly with no reason at all. I can see some girls were giggling looking at me . This made me more hard. I started walking towards the cycle booth , and to my luck the manager was a female . I can see that she first took a good look at my dick and than said “how may i help you.” I asked her about the cycle and left. Whole time she watching there. Once i had the cycle i joined the race , it was not yet started . I saw a group of nude girls on there cycles.  I took the nerve and drove up near them. After a few minutes they all started noticing me . I was feeling the adrenaline rush .

So once the race ended and i reached the end line . I noticed that my cloth bag had fallen of my cycle some where. I was scared. I don’t know what to do. I was also having a adrenaline rush . I started walking around the end line looking cloths anywhere. To all the unluckiness , i accidentally bumped into my bhabhi, she was wearing only bra and panty . she just reached the finish line  . She was totally shocked , she said “oh my god , Nikhil , what the hell ?” and she turned around in embarrassment, she asked me laughingly , what the hell happened ? Why are you naked ” ? I said “You said that we should attend the naked race…” She said “Yes , but i didn’t mean you have to be fully nude . you can have wore just the underwear like me.” and she laughed. She said “i am turning around, don’t feel shy. everyone is nude around here,, its okay.” She turned around . She gave me a nughty smiling face , she looked in my eyes only for like 5 seconds. She was not looking down there at all.. she said “ok , let’s go home, wear your clothes.” I said “Actually there is a problem, i accidentally lost all my clothes.” She said “what? you are kidding right?” and she laughed. I was feeling adrenaline rush. I started hiding my penis with my hands. She said “Its okay , everyones things look same, no need to hide ” She was smiling . So i removed my hands. After a while bhabhi said “Oh , no there comes my coworker. ” I said “what?” Suddenly .. coworker “hi , neha nice to meet you . how r u ?” neha bhabhi “i am fine , meet my nephew nikhil?” she said “oh, he is quite a naturist i see ?” neha bhabhi “yes , he is .” Both giggles , Her coworker was very hot and they were chatting for like 10 mins  , I got rock hard. her cowoker “oh my god neha, i think i should leave now . Your nephew is not able to hide her feelings i guess”  , I was on a adrenaline roller coaster, I said “You are looking very beautiful today” She said “I know nikhil , i know it is the truth . ” She giggled . I said “I am sorry about this.” She said “No problem , its like a compliment i know. ” . She left. My bhabhi was laughing. I was still hard after 10 mins , she said “what is happening why are you not soft yet ?” I said “i don’t know .. !” She “You can’t go around with a huge erection like that around here .. look everyone is flaccid here” She said “Go to the mens room and do your thing , make it flaccid. ” I said “there is no mens room here . ” She said “look there is a narrow lane over there between the buildings ” She said “Look , i am gonna stand here outside the lane facing crown , you go inside and start doing your thing. ok ” I said “Ok, but please don’t look back, alright. i am ebarrased alrady. ” she giggled and said “ok” .. She turned around and i started masturating . It took me 15 mins i came. As i turned around i saw that she was watching me.. I said ” Bhabhi !!?” She turned around again and said “sorrryyy!! ” laughingly.. I said “i am done.. its okay now..” she said “here take some water…”.. I came towards her and she said “hmm, it looks quite small now.., looked better when you were errect..” and she laughed.. I said “please call a cab . ” She said “I have already. and there is a cloth shop around that end , we can get something there. ” But she said “wait, let us capture this moment..” So she asked a girl nearby to take our picture.  Look how evilish smile she is giving. When we were getting into the cab , she said “You know what, you can stay nude in the house too whenever you want. you look good that way”.