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Hi i am Raj, this is the story of me when i was in Sports college. My major was in Football and my coach "Jaspreet" ma'am was one tough ballbreaker , she was famous for being one tough ballbreaker, She was tough on all guys. One day me and some other guys were talking about [...]

Indian Naked prank on senior girl by junior guy

Hi i am Vicky , This is my story when i was in college . I use to hang out with 3 of my seniors , Ritika di (fair , bold and beautiful) , Sneha di (a little fat , studious yet very sexy) , Komal di (a little wheat color , bold and sexy) [...]

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Hi , i am Raj . This incidence happened with me a few years back , when i was visiting my aunt (Massi) in California. She is a professor by profession , she has been living there for quite some years now, she doesn't believe in marriages so she never married . Though she is [...]

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So Bhavna and me were best friends . We were very close to each other , we use to share everything to each other regarding our life and relationships etc. As you might have read the earlier story where i exposed myself to bhavna and she turned me down for sex , you got the [...]